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There is a place where the harmony of nature surrounding us as does the sunlight with trees . Where the breeze brings the smell of the sea and the worries are detached from us like leaves in the wind .

This place is the garden of dreams and has a name : Hotel Parco dei Principi . Born from ' old " red house " of the Borghese Princes it is located a few hundred meters from the sea . L ' Hotel Parco dei Principi welcomes us with its perfectly placed more naturalistic style in the spirit of the city of Anzio . The Hotel gives us' welcome you in its elegant lobby , with bar , billiard room and internet point , in an atmosphere of English drawing room . The rooms are arranged in the main part , some outside with independent access and are located either in the garden level is reached through two stairways harmonious surrounded by greenery.

Some Notes on Anzio

In ancient Antium it was absorbed in the Roman state . The city was home to Cicero when he returned from exile, he reorganized the remnants of its library , wishing to put them in a safe place . The most prominent Romans built beautiful villas by the sea .

The emperors of the Julio - Claudian dynasty visited her frequently and Maecenas had a villa . Were born in Antium emperors Caligula and Nero. The latter founded a colony of veterans in the city and built a new port , the ruins of which still exist . In the early twentieth century , Anzio acquired the connotations an elegant seaside resort , a place of stay of some families known Roman aristocracy and high bourgeoisie.


From its port facilities you can be reached daily the Pontine Islands . Amusement : just 20 km Zoomarine , 40 km Rainbow Magic Land .

Parco dei Principi Anzio

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